Crickhowell High School

Since Nick brown started working at Crickhowell High School as it's IT Technician, the website has undergone about 10 updates so far.  Including the latest design based on a metro styled interface.

The main Crickhowell High School Website, hosted by Powys County Council, is run ontop of Word Press, with the CHS2011 theme developed by nb development.

Early Version of the Website (2009):


Other changes inside CHS have been the reimagine of the School's Logo, after using a base image as a template, the logo was vectorised and giving a slightly fresher look.  nb developement also added the Welsh slogan to the logo.

Logo -w -welsh -notitle (nick -PC)

nb development was also key in implementing a new Active Directory Setup for the Admin side of the School, including Roaming profiles, Home Directories, cross Domain Trust relationships with Curriculum, as well as expanding the Curriculum network's Active Directorty to support Exchange Server.  Start with a Powys County Council Email System, with a SquirelMail Front end, Nick migrated all the staff to Exchange 2003 in 2008, part of the first steps to update the network.  With the students getting a hMailServer/Roundcube interface

In 2011 Exchane 2003 was replaced with Exchange 2010, and hMailServer was giving a hardware upgrade.

In 2012 is it planning to Move the curriculum network to a Windows XP/Windows 7/Windows Server 2008 R2 network, complete with 3 new servers, 4 existing hardware migrations and a mass email migration to Exchange 2010 for everyone.

As part of the investment in technology at CHS, nb development expanded the RM Easylink product to work cross platform, this later became Home Access Plus+ with the removal of the legacy RM Easylink references.


Also as part of the intestment, nb development installed a new Windows Server 2008 R2 Remote Desktop Server to allow remote working on several internal applications.  This server was expanded in 2011 to also host a VPN for tunneling access to the network, although this is only available to Administrators.  All of these technologies needed to tunnel through the Powys County Council's firewalls, and as such tunnel through HTTPS.


When Nick started at CHS, there was 120 PCs on the network, by the end of 2011 this number stands at near 280.  By the end of 2012 it is estimated to be nearer the 400 mark.